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Livingston Research Group 

Exciting times for us…


Livingston Research is aiming to become a prominent player on worldwide education technology market with leading solutions.

Our mission is to help you tailor your study experience to your needs and desires. We work hard to ensure that you can get personalised academic help in any subject 24/7 and at the shortest possible notice.


As of 2013 we are continuously launching brand-new solutions, platforms and services addressing the needs of millions of students in US, Australia, UK and Europe.


We are looking for bright and brave talents in research and writing to join our ambitious and growing team of freelance and full-time writers. And we make a difference for thousands of active users that we have already secured.


It all began when…


We have started as a small startup in academic assistance field back in 2009 based in London. We have since grown to over 100 full-time employees and well over 1100 freelancers and part-timers. We now have people working in countries like USA, UK, Ukraine, Russia and many others.


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